User Experience

User experience (UX) design has established itself as an essential activity for businesses to drive competitive advantage. In some commoditized and price-competitive markets, a well-evolved and differentiated user experience is the only viable competitive strategy. TekWissen’s User Experience Practice (UXP) helps businesses create a meaningful connection with customers. Our team works seamlessly to fuse human understanding and data into our creative, high-quality, user-centered solutions for some of the world’s leading brands

Our UXP has a dedicated team of UX professionals fuelled by insights, driven by creativity and focused on delivery. They together bring an amalgamation of skills covering UX Strategy, Information Architecture, Visual Design, UI Development, Content Writing and many more. Whether you’re looking to create an entirely new product or simply optimizing your existing one, our UXP team will help you reach new heights by creating a vision for engaging user experience. Our approach and activities are highly flexible and tailored to each project as part of customized UX strategy that is developed and worked upon in alignment with client’s vision and IT roadmap.

Mobile Design:

Whether it is extending an existing service onto mobile devices or creating an entirely new mobile service, we can support your expansion in this rapidly developing channel. We help with ‘Web vs Native’, or ‘Hybrid vs Responsive’ decisions, and design useful, elegant mobile experiences that create value.

Re-engineering Legacy Applications

Consumer behavior and attitudes are changing fast vis-a-vis rapidly advancing technology. Most businesses are not keeping pace with this change. Our UXP can help you create a clear roadmap for your business to serve your customers, and understand how to harness the right technology for the same, with enhanced features and added user channels.

Service Design

Digital channels rarely operate in isolation. We can help you develop a harmonized and holistic picture of the customer experience across all your touch points. This allows you to design the whole multichannel experience and create alignment between different parts of your operation.

Enterprise Applications

We help you achieve the maximum value out of an existing user experience by improving the way it works for customers. Enhance your applications workflow using our user centered approach to increase ease of use and improve productivity, which are top two priorities in enterprise products. Our user testing and interaction design cycles can create huge commercial gains and dramatic improvements in customer satisfaction.

Design Support

Our digital experience design team provides continuing support for transition from planning to development mode. We protect the integrity of the user experience and look for intelligent trade-offs when you encounter technical constraints. Our experienced UX team offers user experience design both as a standalone service and to augment your existing design pool.